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About Us

Advanced Genomics

Our Goal

Goal of Advanced Genomics is to provide early information by using cutting edge technology that could encourage people to restore their health, improve behaviour, change diet and lifestyles in order to prevent diseases for which they may have an inherited predisposition.
Personalized Preventive Health Care

Corporate Overview

Advanced Genomics is a leading genomic-based global preventive healthcare company focused on saving lives and money by promoting health and self-management of chronic diseases. Healthcare reform is a serious and important issue in the government right now due to increasing cost of drugs and treatments, more side effects, and increasing number of adverse drug reactions.

The reason is most of the diseases are not diagnosed at an early stage. Most of the symptoms are misleading due to whichan individual suffers from a wrong treatment with adverse side effects.

All these factors lead to an advanced stage of a disease that is difficult to treat. However, it can be prevented at an early stage. For most of the chronic medicines, an individual has to take medicines for the rest of his life. If the root cause is known, measurable steps can be taken to reverse it.

Advanced Genomics preventive healthcare embraces paradigm shift and uses a health-centered approach rather than disease centered. This is a 21st century preventive approach that is proactive, predictive, preventive, personalized, and restorative.

With our more than two decades of molecular research experience, we strongly believe that genomics has the potential to solve these problems. Our advanced technologies, and synergistic genomics and bioinformatics approaches unlock the secrets of genes and attract substantial resources for the development of better diagnostics, safe and cost effective functional medicines along with personalized treatment procedures.

Some of the diseases are inherited but for most of the diseases, genes, foods and environmental factors play a large contributing role. Excessive amount of toxins, pollutants, and high stress life styles can zap the immune system. In addition, poor quality food full of pesticides and pathogens contribute to most of the chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes mellitus, and many other diseases. Advanced Genomics is well positioned to take these factors into consideration and we have developed a hybrid business model that blends fee-for-service project and research and development collaborations in four diverse but integrated domains:

  • AdGen Medical – personalized medicine
  • AdGen Pharma – pharmacogenomics
  • AdGen Enviro ­ metagenomics and forest genomics
  • AdGen Nutri – nutrigenomics

At Advanced Genomics through our dedication to innovation and scientific excellence, we have developed two pipelines:

Research and Discovery: Advanced Genomics is well positioned to rapidly deploy its proven technology to find out the root cause of various chronic diseases like diabetes, digestive disorders, asthma, arthritis, heart diseases and various types of cancers. Our product development includes early research which encompasses the entire spectrum of genomic biomarkers discovery, predictive diagnosis, and functional medicines. We continue to pursue innovative research and new opportunities beyond our targeted disease areas.

Complete Health Solution: Advanced Genomics offers a complete health solution right across the value chain through family history to a panel of advance testings to

  • Identify the root cause of present diseases you have
  • Provide information about the diseases you are carrying from parents
  • Provide information about the diseases you are likely to have in future that are progressing within your body
We have developed methods to process nano-gram saliva sample to distinct disease signatures, and high resolution whole- genome print to improve and speed up clinical applications for health. Our expert personnel specialized in a wide range of services starting form diet plan to reverse most of the chronic diseases.

Genome based research information from four domains of Advanced Genomics is gathered together in a database to find out the relationship between these factors to form a disease signatures. We restore health and prevent diseases that lead to health decline and chronic disease using advanced testing up to genetic level, comprehensive predictive markers and complete panel of tests, cutting-edge scientific research, detailed health risk assessment, counseling and therapies customized to your unique genetic and epigenetic signature.

Collaborations: We are building deep, long-term collaborations with eminent researchers and medical professionals with similar vision to strengthen the healthcare system. We are preparing the opportunity for new, multi-center functional research projects, stimulating technology innovation and industrial collaborations. You can have access to our expertise and resources to find sustainable and cost-effective solutions for the 21st century health challenges.

Medical Disclaimer

Advanced Genomics program is an all-natural consulting program. This information can help you to change your diet and life style so that you can stay healthy. The information on this page is intended for research, prevention and educational purposes only and is neither for treatment nor for any diagnostic use. Neither Advanced Genomics employees nor co-workers are allowed to disperse medical advice or diagnosis. Please note that they are not Medical Doctors [NOTE TO CLIENT]. They merely offer information, guidance and tips for health and wellness. Action steps of Advanced Genomics program do not replace the advice of client`s physician or replace routine medical care. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. If you are under medical treatment or if you are taking physician prescribed medications for an illness, you should first consult with your doctor about participation in our program.
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