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Health Conditions

Get information and take diseases preventive measures to reduce the risk for certain diseases in the future:


You can learn about your genetic basics for the following characteristics:

Let us focus on your health so that you can focus on your life and relationships

At advanced Genomics, we totally focus on your health by offering unique 50 weeks personalized prevention program. Each visit is 20-40 minutes of the time. We encourage you to ask questions required to understand effective therapies and services and how they are being used to restore peak performance of your health. Our priority is your health and our commitment is to treat your each appointment with a focus so that you can achieve your health goal at the earliest. Your peace of mind is very important for us.

Medical Disclaimer

Advanced Genomics program is an all-natural consulting program. This information can help you to change your diet and life style so that you can stay healthy. The information on this page is intended for research, prevention and educational purposes only and is neither for treatment nor for any diagnostic use. Neither Advanced Genomics employees nor co-workers are allowed to disperse medical advice or diagnosis. Please note that they are not Medical Doctors [NOTE TO CLIENT]. They merely offer information, guidance and tips for health and wellness. Action steps of Advanced Genomics program do not replace the advice of client`s physician or replace routine medical care. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. If you are under medical treatment or if you are taking physician prescribed medications for an illness, you should first consult with your doctor about participation in our program.
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