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Free Life Improvement Health Seminar On 18 Sept., 2016

Sunday, 18 September, 2.00 PM - 5.00 PM   #109 - 2669, Langdon Street Abbotsford V2T 3L3

We are pleased to offer free health seminar featuring health experts who present the latest information on a variety of health topics.

You will learn how to:
  1. Find out the root cause of various chronic diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Heart diseases, diabetes, etc.
  2. Improve your health by using simple and workable techniques.
  3. Take charge of your health by understanding how it works internally.
  4. Improve memory, focus, IQ, growth and better health of your children.
  5. Make the right choices about food that improve your and your kid's health.
  6. Improve your business and career opportunities for kids.
  7. Manage stress and create happiness and abundance for yourself and loved ones.
  8. Prevent diseases , that you as parents likely to pass on to your new born baby.

Gift Value $350 Worth in Membership

Life improvement story of Jaskern

Hi i am jas i have ulcerative colitis since 2011 I've been on pills and stuff for like four years and then they haven't really done anything for me I'm since I've heard about this program through my mom she brought me here and I'm doing super well on it actually gained weight instead of losing weight which have been doing over the last few years it was a struggle dealing with colitis because there's a lot of places where I wasn't able to go get really ruined my mood because I always be in a bad mood because I be in pain it also affected my grades.

I still managed to get through high school and stuff but it i feel that i would have been better if I started this program earlier i'm ever since i have started it i've seen a change in my mood I'm doing much better doesn't even feel like I have the disease are so I really recommend a lot of you guys the house replies or any other diseases to come join this program because it will do you better and you can let other people know so that they don't have to suffer through things like these.

Life improvement story by Jaskern's Mother

My name is the sukhvir and my daughter's name is jaskern and she got diagnosed with ulcerative colitis around five years ago and it was really rough time we all had a family and specially for her you know we were trying medication the doctor is giving to her that still it was up & down we had a bad days and we are ok days she was on the medication with the the doctors for three four years and the colitis simply selling down and then last year I heard about dr. Nisha Dogra from my friends but then i'd really pay attention for one day she was on the TV on the TV program having giving an interview and I heard her interview watch for I think 15-20 minutes interview and kind of got convinced after hearing her and then the book appointment to come and see dr. Nisha and it was a free consultation and we told her story how whatever she's going through yeah and then we started to know i really like the way she told us how she can help us so we join the program and every month come and see her and we followed whenever she was telling her that it and all the vitamin she's giving to her and then after a month or so we start seeing huge difference my daughter was you know feeling better.

She's eating more and where she has lost week before now she started gaining weight and the other good thing about with dr. nisha stuff is all natural so there's no sideaffect yes so nice being here now and she's a totally different girl cheese she looks healthy she you know eat well and she's really good at school because you know when your health is good you can focus on things really good so just want to say thank you to dr. Nisha you know just helping us through the rough time and she's doing so well we're all happy you know as a family we don't be doing things together and now we're going to worry about it or sometimes he couldn't go before because of her health and now she can join and do things whatever we do together and going to say thank you and you know if you have any health 'issues i would definitely recommend comments indoctrination program even though you don't want to end the program just come and see her and talk to her and I bet you are doing the program because she's is really good thank you.

Watch the story of Gurnam- Advanced Genomics helped his family and relatives who were suffering from chronic health conditions.

Gurnam S. Sidhu  Abbotsford  BC Canada

My Name is Gurnam Singh and my mother is Nasib K. Sidhu from Abbotsford BC. We were part of Dr. Nisha Dogra and Dr. Sudarshan Bhagat’s prevention program. My mother had problems from the last 12-15 years. 10 years ago in India she had same problem. She had atherosclerosis in the blood vessels of her brain, this problem has been continuing since the last 3 years.

One day, I heard about Dr. Nisha’s program on the radio. We went to their office, and joined their prevention program at the end of 2013. Now it is March 2014 and my mother is absolutely fine, with the help the nutritional supplements that she received. She had cholesterol problem, her blood pressure was high and at risk of getting some serious complications. She is all-better now. Now I came to visit doctor again and her test reports are normal. I want to say thank you very much. We really liked the program. Even my wife had some problems, she joined the prevention program from the last three months and she is better now. We have recommended this program to our relatives that are living in Delta BC. They have also joined the program and feeling better. One of my relative’s mother is 85 years of old who joined this program and she feels good too. We just want to say a big thank you to doctors. May God bless everyone with healthy life. 


Watch the interesting story of Kulwinder- By changing his diet and life style; he overcomes a chronic disease like ulcerative colitis from which he was suffering for years.

Kulwinder S. Malhi, Abbotsford BC Canada

Hello everyone, my name is Kulwinder S.  Malhi, living in Abbotsford, Canada at the moment. I have been  suffering from ulcerative colitis for a long time. In 2010, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. The doctors told me that I actually had this problem since childhood. After 2010, I had again an attack with this disease in 2012. I was very sick for a long time. I was getting treated at VGH (Vancouver General hospital). Soon after words, I joined Dr. Nisha’s program. I felt a lot of improvement with my symptoms. Not just ulcerative colitis; I had many stomach issues which are much better now. So regarding my views about Advanced Genomics, they are that I feel healthier and I like the approach which they took to help me. Every person should prioritize their health first, get a full satisfaction and get treated with new technology. These are my personal views for Advanced Genomics.


Watch how Manjit got a good control over his health with his will power and by sticking to our prevention plan.

Manjit S Lally, Richmond, BC Canada 

I have been suffering from last 5-6 years with diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure and knee pain. Then I came to know about Dr. Nisha Dogra and joined their prevention program. After joining for 6 months, everything is normal now. My blood sugar is normal, cholesterol is normal, and blood pressure is better. My knee pain has gone away. I have lost about 30lbs as well. I feel very energetic, healthier and light. Any of my brothers or sisters suffering from these problems; once get in contact Dr. Nisha Dogra and get consultation from her.

Thank You!!


Take a look at this life improvement stories-See how Balwinder’s health takes a turn from a miserable and embarrassing situation to a quality of life.

Balvinder Thiara, Delta, BC Canada

Satshriakal (Hello) to everyone, I came to the office of Dr. Nisha Dogra. When I came I had no hope, or any idea if I was going to live or die.  I only had constipation and other digestive issues. Before coming here I was very disappointed but now Dr. Nisha has really got me better with her love and care. I am coming continuously since I started, taking their products properly. Advanced Genomics has given me a new life. I feel energetic.  I had diabetes and many more problems, which are all improved now. I am not sure with which products or how exactly it happened but I am better. Before joining here, I couldn’t even walk for 15 minutes and now I can walk for an hour and I do it every day. Dr. Nisha does not give any injections, or does any other invasive procedure. Just from sitting far distance, she talks so sweetly and I don’t know how she does it, but she makes you feel alive again.  I am very happy today, and I came here today just to tell her that – Dr. Nisha you have given me new life, you have made young again. Iwanted to have a healthy life but you also returned to me my Youth as well.

Everyone should come and here and get relief from your pain. Do not worry about money. We will all die one day and leave behind everything we invest in so many things in life, so why not invest in our health.

Medical Disclaimer

Advanced Genomics program is an all-natural consulting program. This information can help you to change your diet and life style so that you can stay healthy. The information on this page is intended for research, prevention and educational purposes only and is neither for treatment nor for any diagnostic use. Neither Advanced Genomics employees nor co-workers are allowed to disperse medical advice or diagnosis. Please note that they are not Medical Doctors [NOTE TO CLIENT]. They merely offer information, guidance and tips for health and wellness. Action steps of Advanced Genomics program do not replace the advice of client`s physician or replace routine medical care. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. If you are under medical treatment or if you are taking physician prescribed medications for an illness, you should first consult with your doctor about participation in our program.
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